All British Up in Here


So it’s Victoria day and because I work for one of the them there government supported charities, I had the day off: Thanks British Empire. I slept through most of it (whoops), made some green tea chicken dumplings (gluten free. it was less challenging than expected. yay for food.) and failed at making pastry/made very oddly shaped cookies with vanilla custard and berries. gluten free pastry is hard.
things with the boy are better, although my entire communication with him today has been 3 text messages, all about 6 hours apart and consisting of under 8 words. i knew i was being ridiculous yesterday. this is what happens when i throw up my bipolar meds for a week: badness. anyhow, his son is sick 😦 and he is stressed 😦 so i’m trying to think of something nice to do for them but it’s kind of hard when they currently live an hour away from me and i work all week.
i’m getting a little stressed about having enough money this school year with my downtown priced rent. i’m going to need some lessons on couponing or something, my upper middle class upbringing hasn’t prepared me for this. i’m all “what? i NEED garlic press.” no one needs a garlic press. i am perfectly capable of smashing garlic. my father is so ashamed. as becca would say; LOOK AT MY LIFE, LOOK AT MY CHOICES. but seriously, i use that garlic press daily, no regrets.
see? this and my addiction to extremely expensive hair products are going to screw me over. that and the long distance charges to talk to the boyfriend. god i suck at being poor. how did that even happen? we were poor as dirt growing up. WHEN DID I BECOME A TRUST FUND KID? i dont even like animals and i make others kill spiders for me. i suck. god. at least i remain pale and dark haired so my resemblance of paris hilton isnt too glaringly obvious. jesus.

anyway, things are good and im glad im managing to be somewhat level headed, being that i’ve basically been off my meds for a week and that usually ends in me comatose in a corner or in some sort of cleaning frenzy with really wide eyes. like really wide. like starring into your soul and eating your future children wide. just saying.


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