something like this


It’s sunny. its gloriously sunny. everything about this weather makes life better. just breathe and walk and take the vitamin d.

havent worked on my thesis in like a week. it feels better. i feel better. i dont know what that means, and i’m choosing to ignore it for now. i’m working with studentsns for a few weeks. paid research work! its great and i like it. maybe if i do it well enough theyll hire me more often.

Science atlantic is in a few days and it makes me stresed. avoiding it. again, should probably think about these things.. later.

I went on a walk with a guy named tyler a few days ago. he was sweet. i hope we are friends. might be heading out on a date tonight, but its a pof with so .. you know. standards high, expectations low. however there is that hilarious story of him meeting brandon outside a bar on my birthday a week ago. sooo you never know.

blah blah blah. im not interesting when things are mediocre. lesson learned.

on the upside: strawberries!


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