my therapist threatened to call the cops on me yesterday.

threatened sounds like a strong word.

my therapist felt legally obligated to get me to a safe place by way of a community service yesterday.

he managed to get ahold of kale instead. kale left work (took a sick day), drove here. brandon came home. they drove me to the er, so i didnt have to get a police escort.

kale has been experiencing these ‘coincidences’ of sorts. like the other day there was a depressing song on the radio and he commented. and i said ‘maroon 5 has been depressing lately too’ as he changed the radio station to one now blaring maroon 5. magical thinking, maybe. but coincidences.

this song came on the car radio as we were going down robie, the hospital not quite yet in view. me crying. them feeling heavy. this song made us laugh.

im thankful for that.


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