I’ve spent the last few weeks at my parents house. I have a good family. They helped me start to get better. I came back to my apartment yesterday. I feel.. iffy about it.

The NDP got supremely beaten in the provincial election today, which is sad. I think it speaks to the number of uninformed voters (everyone just hates Dexter, but they haven’t really looked into the issues… the liberals reduced power rate stance is completely dependent of something they have no control over etc. not that people wouldn’t have voted liberal anyway, but a lot of NDP votes flipped based on stupid reasoning) but it sucks none the less.

I gave up on trying to be friends with Dale. I tried really hard but he’s not giving back. It’s not worth it right now.

I just feel.. I don’t know. Anxious I suppose. I feel like I’m going to cry but I’m not entirely sure why. I went to trivia tonight… it was ok.
My mom bought me new sheets that make my bed look really nice and I really like them. Bed is nice.

I’ve been gone for so long I hadn’t checked the mail in weeks. I came home to a bracelet mailed form my brother in the states that says ‘just keep swimming’ on it… like Finding Nemo. It was a really nice gesture. My family is really good. I wish I could get better faster.

It’s really late at night or I;d call my parents. I dunno. I know I need to be here and this was the next step and all but I feel.. scared. Or lost. Or something.

I’m filling some of the time, but I need more real life people. I don’t know what to do about that. I feel alone.


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