I really like old school Maroon 5 right now. Sometimes you just need to sing into a spatula, what can I say. I HAVE A TENDENCY OF GETTING VERY PHYSICAL, SO WATCH YOUR STEP BECAUSE IF I DO YOU’LL NEED A MIRACLE. bitches.

I’m going to carve pumpkins tonight. Emily of RobbandEmily is hosting and Amber and Nicole are coming. I’m excited about this, or trying to be, even though the dollar store sold out of those pumpkin carving sets like people have children or something.

Things are going pretty alright. The apartment is pretty clean pretty regularly, I enjoy that. I’m stop gapping my wellbutrin because my psychiatrist forgot to call in the prescription refill, also that shit is expensive, not looking forward to having to pay for that. The chapter reading and shit is going along ok for school, though I have been avoiding my thesis like it is the plague only I’d probably enjoy the plague more. Angie and I met about it, in a bar, like we do, and hopefully.. that will get better.

I sort of forgot to plan what to carve on my pumpkin. whoops.

I can’t tell if I’m happier or hypomanic, probably the latter, and you know what? Dont give a shit, son.


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