This and that


I’m not going to lie to you, I dont have anything of interest to say. BUT I’m trying to write about things that arent about being crazy sometimes. I follow a lot of mental illness blogs and my god does it get repetitive.

I hit my deadline today! The draft of the disabilities report that i have legit been talking about since JULY 2013 (fuck.) has been finally been publically released. In other words, 20 some odd people are going to send me feedback about all the shit they dont like about it, and then I get to write it again. Yay…. haha but I feel good about it. I really didnt think this day was going to ever come. ALSO, the Director of Research had a report that was supposed to be released today and he missed the deadline, which makes me feel slightly better about the fact I’ve had to work like 30 hours of overtime to get it done. Though his will inevitably still kick mines ass. thats not the point here, dammit.

Im participating in the walk/run/wheel fundraiser for spina bifida on saturday. its in the valle and i have to get up unreasonably early. and then drive for an hour, then walk 10 km, then drive an hour home. but im oddly excited about it? I dont know i never claimed to make sense. The girl who is organizing it is “working with me” on the disabilities report (she hasnt read it let alone wrote any of it yet. god love her if she doesnt provide some seriously useful feedback.) so its nice to go support.

i tried to sign up for a continuing ed painting class at my alma matter today. turns out their “summer” classes are from may till june/early july. UNIMPRESSED. i was excited about that.

Anyway, I suppose its 2 am and I have barely slept this week so I should probably get on that.
Yaaaaay for boring!


One thought on “This and that

  1. TheCatssMeoww

    Yay for the fundraiser, that’s really awesome that you’re participating in that. You made me feel better about myself because I was just saying that I didn’t know what to post about and I don’t feel like I’m very interesting or have interesting things to say so when you said that and still made this wonderful blog post, I felt better. Good luck on regaining some sleep 🙂

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