Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


im sad. i think. im like sad and energetic at the same time. life is getting really, really confusing like that.

i am just going to make a list of things here an pretend it counts as writing a blog, ok? transitioning between subjects is just too much for me right now.

1. i ordered molotows (acrylic paint markers. …ok, graffiti pens, lets be legit here). I also ordered a bunch of free shipping labels from UPS. AKA i have all the supplies to make slaps (fancy name for stickers). I am doubtful I’ll ever use them as slaps (I am no longer 15), but I like to trade them with other slap artists. Im the collector everyone hates. either way: excited.

2. these pills. THESE PILLS. i feel like im dying or something. my sleep wake cycle is so fucked up i’ve lost track of space and time. i feel like i’m dropping acid on a regular basis.

3. clearly, i havent been going to work. for about 2.5 weeks. im going tog et in serious shit shortly.

4. amber moved away and i miss amber.

5. did i mention i feel like ive dropped acid ALLOFTHETIME??

6. fuck my life. for real.


3 thoughts on “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

      • Andrew

        there should be something good in you on what to keep the focus . Reality exists only where mind creates a focus on. Focus on, practice what is the best in you and your world outside will change because you focus on GOOD! What goes around comes around!

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