in which things became more reasonable


well. that was short lived.
not that its over.
just… changed.

we will live in our bubble for the times when we’re around each other and fly around to see each other but its going to stay casual. or as casual as it can with the i love yous thrown in. im not going to tell anyone anything other than we’re friends who hook up. and that’ll be that.

i knew it was crazy to begin with so realistically this makes more practical sense. so he probably wont be my date to my friends wedding, and i probably wont look at grad schools in the midwest. and all those other stupid silly pipe dreams people come up with when theyre far apart.

so i guess the long and short of it is that this turned out exactly how i said all relationships with married poly guys do but im still doing it anyway. its just not a relationship anymore, really, so i dont have to worry about the poly thing now. and he can date more, i suppose.

for all the practicality it feels a bit like a sucker punch to the gut though.


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