while on this whole “trying to write” thing, i decided i should also try to occasionally write things not at 2am. the most frequent time my site is visited is at 2am. i feel this says something about me.

in other news, brandon bailed on our plans tonight, as he does, so a) booooo and b) we’ve made plans to wander around the mall and lament that we do not own things (we own so many things) on december 30th while we are both too poor to actually purchase anything because he needs to take his laptop to the mac store. ill probably wear boots with heels and whine about it a lot and he’ll forget his earmuffs and whine about it a lot and we will both hate the outdoors, because winter, and i will probably end up drinking starbucks because for some reason my phone company likes to give out gift certificates to starbucks? i think that about sums us up. itll be great!

speaking of great, jon got here safe and sound last night and is showing up sometime “around 9” which in jon speak probably means 10 and we are going to do a bunch of nothing but i put beer in the fridge. thats pretty close to being a good host, right? i dont know if hes crashing or not. could be weird cuz i live in a studio apartment now so he could sleep on one of my couches but hed have to listen to me mumble in my sleep. and also id have to go to sleep at a normal person time, which would be good for me, but my body probably will not cooperate.

i stand corrected, he will be here in half an hour, supposedly, so thats only like 920. that would be impressively on time.

i went shopping for my sisters christmas gifts with my mom today; we were only mildly successful. i know i said my family doesnt do gifts, because we dont, but my parents paid to renovate this apartment for me/jeff, and then spent a few thousand dollars on kids toys for my both my brothers’ children, so they feel like they should buy amy things too. which is fair. and also generous.

i managed to get lucy her christmas gift (her birthday is also christmas eve, so we gave her gifts for that last weekend, but my parents paid for the gift i gave her because  i cant afford to buy non basics anymore, really, but i still sort of am… its a bit weird, financially, right now… anyway) i bought her a book called susie the sapphire fairy, which seems up her alley, and it was on sale for $10, aka my price range. and she likes being read to. i am lucky that my niece and nephew arent brats about gifts/how nice things are/how expensive things are (my other nieces and nephews, bless them, are very rich and a little…erm, picky?). like they pretty much like everything in their stocking from the dollarstore as much as anything else, so it makes me feel better about being broke, since i think they will still like the stuff. i bought wes a set of wooden dominos because hes super tactile and likes building things and also knocking them over so i figure, what better sums up that combination? and i also got them the game operation (to share) because it is great (and cheap) and i need more things to do with them while theyre down here. especially because theyre getting pulled out of their after school program in january, and brandy is pregnant so shes going to need a lot of help with them. and we can only play “hide and find the nickels” and “daytime/night time” (legit just turning off the lights and pretending to be asleep) so many times.

i know its weird im buying them gifts even though i literally have zero income in two weeks, but i figure their parents give me a place to live for free, and we do genuinely need something to do when i babysit, and i do love them and such. so im writing it off as a justifiable expense.

anyway, i was going to ramble more but jon is almost here and if i wait to finish this up and or edit it so it was less babbley id be posting this a 2 am again.



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